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gwasrapidd 0.99.17

gwasrapidd 0.99.16

  • Fixed issue #46

gwasrapidd 0.99.15

  • Fixed issue #41
  • Update http mocks

gwasrapidd 0.99.14

  • Merged pull request #37.

gwasrapidd 0.99.13

  • Update pkgdown documentation to use template bootstrap 5.
  • Regenerated precompiled vignettes.

gwasrapidd 0.99.10

  • Fixed issue #13.

gwasrapidd 0.99.9

  • gwasrapidd depends now on tidyr (> 0.8.99).

gwasrapidd 0.99.8

  • genomic_contexts of object variants includes now the column is_mapped_gene.

gwasrapidd 0.99.7

gwasrapidd 0.99.5

gwasrapidd 0.99.4

gwasrapidd 0.0.1

  • Updated gwasrapidd packaging to comply with Bioconductor guidelines (BiocCheck::BiocCheck()).


  • Fixed typo in cheatsheet.



  • Added the dataset cytogenetic_bands.


  • Updated README installation command to use the new remotes package.
  • Devel version badge is now hardcoded directly instead of using a call to badger.


  • get_variants() now accepts a new parameter: std_chromosomes_only. This allows to select whether variants mapped to scaffolds other than the standard chromosomes are returned. By default, now, get_variants() only returns variants mapped to chromosomes 1 thru 22, X, Y, or MT. This behaviour is now in line with results returned by the Web UI.
  • Fixed bug with multiple_snp_haplotype and snp_interaction. NA values in columns multiple_snp_haplotype and snp_interaction of associations tibble in associations S4 object were being mapped to character type instead of logical. This is now fixed.
  • Constructors for GWAS Catalog S4 objects ensure no NAs are in primary keys.
  • Increased test coverage.


  • Changed type of column association_id in the S4 class associations from integer() to character(). This saves us from unnecessary coercions from integer to character when searching by association identifiers.
  • The cheatsheet is also changed to reflect this update.



  • Improved the Getting Started vignette.



  • Added a cheatsheet.


  • Improved test coverage significantly.


  • Reorganized mock fixtures. Now mock file paths are all under 100 chars. No more R CMD check whining.


  • Reference documentation is organized in the website.