This function launches the web browser and opens a tab for each identifier on the GWAS web graphical user interface:

open_in_gwas_catalog(identifier, gwas_catalog_entity = c("study",
  "variant", "trait", "gene", "region", "publication"))



A vector of identifiers. The identifiers can be: study accession identifiers, variant identifiers, EFO trait identifiers, gene symbol names, cytogenetic regions, or PubMed identifiers.


Either 'study' (default), 'variant', 'trait', 'gene', 'region' or 'publication', a scalar character. This argument indicates the type of the identifiers passed in identifier.


Returns TRUE if successful, or FALSE otherwise. But note that this function is run for its side effect.


# Open studies in GWAS Web Graphical User Interface open_in_gwas_catalog(c('GCST000016', 'GCST001115')) # Open variants open_in_gwas_catalog(c('rs146992477', 'rs56261590'), gwas_catalog_entity = 'variant') # Open EFO traits open_in_gwas_catalog(c('EFO_0004884', 'EFO_0004343'), gwas_catalog_entity = 'trait') # Open genes open_in_gwas_catalog(c('DPP6', 'MCCC2'), gwas_catalog_entity = 'gene') # Open cytogenetic regions open_in_gwas_catalog(c('2q37.1', '1p36.11'), gwas_catalog_entity = 'region') # Open publications open_in_gwas_catalog(c('25533513', '24376627'), gwas_catalog_entity = 'publication')